save you face for pimple

save face pimple

Many people have the problem of pimples on the face. This problem increases even more in summer and monsoon. Usually we think that by changing the skin care or diet, we can remove the problem of pimples, but before thinking about fixing it, know why pimples keep coming out again and again on the face.

The problem of acne and pimples is seen more in the youth. The reason for this is believed to be hormonal changes. Apart from this, if you eat more fried things or do not take care of your skin, then they also become the reason for pimples. But many times, despite taking all the precautions, we are not able to avoid the problem of pimples on the face. The reason for this may be some of your habits, which are working to increase pimples. Let us know that by changing your habits, you can prevent pimples from happening.

Pimples are caused by these habits

Dirty phone use

If the cover of your phone remains dirty, then it is possible that due to repeatedly bringing it near the face, the bacteria present on it are becoming the cause of pimples.

Hair products

Many times you are using such a hair product, which is also felt in the skin of your face through your hairline. Sometimes due to these also there can be rash on the face.

Over wash face

If you are repeatedly cleaning your face with water, then the natural oils present in the pores start releasing more and pimples start appearing on the face.

Use more cream

If you are using more cream or lotion on the face, then the skin pores get blocked and the problem of pimples starts.

High sugar or starchy foods

If you are eating more sweet or starchy food in the diet, then there is a fear of pimples growing on the face. If you keep these things in mind then you can stay away from the problem of pimples.