Gum Problem

Gum Problem Basics

Gum Problem Basics

Teeth are very important for every human being, which help in chewing food. It has been seen many times that the teeth may look fine from above, but sometimes the gums bleed during brushing. It is often seen that the gums bleed due to inflammation in the gums.

Gum disease causes a lot of pain and other problems for the person. The main reason for this problem has been found to be infection in the gums. It is very important to treat it at the right time, otherwise this problem increases further. We will look in more detail concerning all aspects regarding gum disease.

What is the cause of gum infection?

Infection in the gums is mainly of two types.


Gingivitis, this is the first stage of infection. In this, mild swelling of the gums, bleeding starts while eating and brushing and red marks appear in the gums. Symptoms of gum disease are rarely seen during this stage.


Periodontitis, this is the second stage of infection and occurs when gingivitis is not treated properly. In periodontitis infection, there is a lot of pain in the gums, this pain reaches the jaw, in this the gums become soft and the grip of the teeth becomes loose. There is also a possibility of falling teeth due to this.

What are the causes of pain in gums?

Bacteria found in excess in the gums are mainly the cause of gum problems. This bacteria occurs in many ways like sweets, chocolates, cold drinks, it is caused by any kind of food.

Some other causes of gum pain may be:

Consumption of alcohol and tobacco

Spicy and hot food

Smoke more

Chewing gum or eating toffee

What is the treatment for gum infection?

Gum infection can be treated either by some home remedies or by visiting a dentist. Here you will find both types of treatment in some detail.

Let us know some such measures by which you can get relief from the problem of gums:

Home remedies

1. Salt water

Salt water is very beneficial for many problems related to gums and teeth. Gargling with salt water can reduce gum pain and many other dental problems.

2. Use of turmeric powder

Applying turmeric powder lightly on the gums can reduce the discomfort of your gums. “Curcumin” found in turmeric plays the role of “anti-oxidant”, which removes the problem of mastodon to a great extent.

3. Baking Soda

Baking soda has the ability to kill bacteria that can reduce gum discomfort. By making a paste of baking soda, you can apply it on the gums for some time, this will eliminate many bacteria and also reduce the swelling of the gums.

4. Lemonade

Potassium, Vitamin C and Vitamin A are found in abundance in lemon. It not only helps in reducing the bacteria from the gums, apart from this it will also be beneficial in curing the inflammation there. Due to this the gums heal very quickly and the gums also become strong.

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has a lot of anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which reduce the bacteria from the gums. With the help of aloe vera, the swelling of the gums also reduces considerably. It helps a lot in making the gums strong.

Expert opinion

Gum problems are very common which can be treated with proper treatment. If you do all the home remedies in the initial stages, then you can avoid the problem of gums.