Gray Hair Can Return to Its Original Color

Greying of hair is a natural change with ageing. However, at present, the problem of greying of hair is also being seen due to pollution and other hormonal reasons. In medical language, the process of hair becoming white is called canities. This problem is seen in both men and women. In men, this problem starts from the pen and gradually starts happening on the whole head, whereas in women, hair starts turning white in and around the & Zero Width Space head.

Do you know the reasons for greying of hair? Today we will tell you why the hair actually turns white, as well as which diseases this premature problem indicates?

  • 1 How does hair get colour?
  • 2 Why does the hair turn white?
  • 3 Reasons for greying of hair at a young age
  • 4 Treatment of hair greying at a young age
  • 5 tips to prevent greying of hair at a young age

How does hair get colour?

There are three pigments in the human body, haemoglobin, carotenoids and melanin pigments. Melanin pigments determine the colour of hair and skin.

Melanin is produced by melanocytes, which are specialized pigment cells. These are on the upper surface of the skin, also known as hair follicles, they help in hair growth.

  • Hair follicles contain two types of melanin, eumelanin and pheomelanin.
  • Either one of the two melanin’s is present in a single hair follicle.
  • A dark-brown pigment called eumelanin gives hair its black and brown colour.
  • A yellow or red pigment called pheomelanin gives hair its golden and white colour.

Due to greying of hair

Two theories have been given behind the greying of hair.

The first theory says that with age, the production of melanin, the pigment that gives hair colour, slows down or stops. In such a situation, there is a decrease in the colour liquid found in the hair, due to which it starts leaving its colour.

The second theory states that human hair grows in three phases, namely anagen, catagen and telogen. Hair growth occurs during Anagen, Catagen is the phase in which hair usually does not see any significant change and continues to grow and break naturally. At the same time, during the telogen phase, the hair begins to shed its surface and break.

During the cartage phase hair actively receives natural colour, during the cartage phase this process stops and during telogen it is completely lost.

Why premature greying of hair?

When hair starts greying before the age of 20 in European countries, 25 in Asia and before 30 in African people, then this parameter is considered as premature greying of hair. There can be many reasons for greying of hair at an early age, such as hormonal and environmental reasons. Although there is no exact reason for premature greying of hair, but there are certain conditions which can be linked to this problem.

Genetic factor

If there has been such a problem in the parents or any generation of the family, then it can continue even further.


People suffering from hypothyroidism (decreased thyroid hormone levels in the body) are prone to premature greying of hair.

Protein deficiency

Hair starts greying at an early age due to protein deficiency in the body due to some other disorders including crociacor, nephrosis, celiac disease, etc.

Lack of minerals

Deficiency of minerals like iron and copper also leads to greying of hair at an early age.

Vitamin deficiency

The problem of greying of hair at an early age is seen in most of the people who are deficient in Vitamin B12 in the body.


In some cases, the body’s immune system starts attacking its own melanocytes, which also results in greying of hair.

Von’s disease (neurofibromatosis)

It is a genetic disease characterized by the formation of tumours, as well as abnormal development of bones and skin.

Down syndrome

Down syndrome is a genetic disorder. This leads to flattening of the face and nose, shortening of the neck, mental retardation and greying of hair.

Werner syndrome

It is a genetic disease, in which the affected person may have symptoms of skin changes, juvenile glaucoma (glaucoma in children), short stature and premature ageing.


Side effects of certain drugs such as chloroquine (a drug used for malaria), triparanol (a drug used to lower cholesterol), phenylthiourea (used in DNA testing), and divinize (used to treat certain psychiatric disorders) Even in form, the colour of the hair starts turning white.


Studies have shown that hormones produced during times of stress (adrenaline, cortisol) start affecting melanocyte cells, resulting in greying of hair.

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