blackheads problem solution

blackheads problem solution

Use different creams for the beauty of your face. They take care of their cheeks and eyes but forget to take care of their nose. Which is first visible on our face and remains at the forefront. You must have seen many times that the face looks clean, but the raised blackheads on the nose look like a blemish in beauty.

In this case, take care of the nose along with the skin. Yes, this is also a kind of skin problem. Some have black spots on their nose and some have white spots. They also keep accumulating in large numbers around the nose. After a while they emerge from the side. This problem is more visible in teenagers. This problem also occurs in boys as well. So let’s know how to remove the spots visible on the face.

Due to blackheads

The problem of black heads is caused by sebum. There are sebaceous glands present in the skin, they make sebum. It also protects the skin here. But the pores get clogged due to the dust on the nose. Due to this, the sebum is not able to come out and blackheads are formed.

Pores on the nose you cannot be enlarged or reduced.

Changing hormones

Dirty skin

Drinking alcohol

To smoke

Excessive use of cosmetics

Stress but black and white heads emerging on the face can also be removed.


Black and white heads are easily removed from the natural elements present in lemon. He just has to be rubbed on the nose with light hands. Rub for 10 minutes, keep for 5 minutes And wash it with plain water. You can also use sugar along with lemon.

Salt and rose water –

Mix both salt and rose water little by little. After this, apply them only on the place of blackheads. Rub with light hands for 5 minutes after 10 minutes of application. Will get relief soon.


Massage with salt for 5 minutes with light hands before applying curd on the nose. Wash with water and then massage with curd for 15 minutes with the help of a brush with light hands. Due to this, there will be moisture on the nose and black heads will also be removed.


Honey removes excess oil from your skin. If more oil comes on your skin then you can apply honey all over the face. At the same time, leave the honey on the black heads for 15 minutes. After this wash with normal water.

Black heads spoil the beauty of the face. In this case, remove black heads once a week with the help of home remedies. So that it does not appear more prominent on the face.